Ways to save energy when doing laundry

9 06 2008

In inspiration from my previous post, here are some easy ways for you to save energy, save money, and also help save the environment…

1. Wash your clothes in cold water

2. Use biodegradable detergents

3. Try to avoid doing small loads of laundry, or washing one item. Be efficient and use the full capacity of your washing machine each time you use it.

Tips for drying:

1. Avoid using your dryer as much as possible! Hang out your clothes to dry on either a laundry line or on a laundry rack.

Why do this? Well first, dryers use an incredible amount of energy, so you will be decreasing your energy used and your household energy bill. Second, air drying your clothes will actually cause them to last longer. You know all that lint that collects in your dryer? That’s your clothing being slowly worn away at! So if you want to save some money by not having to buy new clothes and make your favorite items last longer, air dry!

But what about socks and underwear? Okay, I can understand that some may feel like there are some items that just need to be done in a dryer because it would be weird to having on a laundry line outside for the neighbors to view. If you feel this way, go ahead and dry them, but try to make sure you efficiently use it. Let me clarify. Do you usually run the dryer for your whites and then later for your darks? Because you will be using less space in your dryer because of air drying, don’t run your dryer until you’ve done all your load of laundry and combine them all those pieces you don’t want to air dry in one dryer load.




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